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Every American knows that the Constitution establishes the foundation of our government. We understand the principles of freedom upon which our country was founded, and yet we feel uncomfortable when it comes to tying those principles in with the actual document that serves as the law of our land. Consequently, we get stuck wondering if we just have a different ideology than the other side and we wonder if maybe our ideas are just opinions that are not backed by hard fact. In this seminar series entitled "In the Constitution", we dive into the actual words of our United States Constitution and find that the modern-day issues we deal with today are absolutely and clearly resolved in the Constitution. The words of the Constitution come alive as we explore the Founding Fathers’ statements on the different topics and gain insight into how the Constitution embodies those foundational principles of freedom. Through studying the actual text of the Constitution we come to truly understand and appreciate the standard of truth this document offers and why looking to the Constitution - and not to modern-day political opinions - will provide us with the solutions to real and present problems. And, perhaps most importantly, we discuss specific things that can be done to help restore our Constitution to its proper place as the supreme law of our land.